Roller Shades & Solar Roll Ups


Roller shades are back in fashion, with a lot more elegance, selections and features. They are now called Designer roller shades at our gallery. Designer roller shades could be just enough to satisfy your need to dim the light, or block the light if need be in media rooms or bedrooms. However, nowadays, Designer Roller shades do create a great statement for your living environment as well. They are offered in traditional looks, or woven / grass looks or soft fabrics with detailed textures.

Roller shades can easily hide under your valances once rolled up, or they can go inside fascia metal boxes for more modern, slick look. Roller shades can be used for residential as well as commercial applications. Most fabrics offered are very durable, and can be Cleaned if need be. Roller shades are offered either with manual continuous cord chains or automated with motor and remote and/or wall switch.

Also known as screen shades, they are very popular when protecting the beautiful view of outside becomes the highest priority for your windows. At the same time, there is a need for protection from fading, and heat and of course the privacy is a considering factor in most cases. Solar shades are offered in many different textures, colors, and opacity percentages.