Silhouette & Luminette


Featuring the Signature S-Vane tm, Silhouette window shading has been the most innovative product for the past decade or so. Silhouette is offered in 3 different vane sizes and many colors and textures. Its beauty, elegance and light transformation far surpasses any other product in the window covering industry. In a simple statement, functionality and practicality of wood blinds, but the soft ness, sheer elegance, and color and texture beauty of a drapery. It is a great compromise for individuals who don’t necessary care for the drapery, but still crave for a touch softness and elegance, yet crisp and clean look. Silhouette shades are available in manual or electric.
Luminette® Privacy Sheers provide precise light control with translucent or room-darkening vane opacity options. Face fabric diffuses sunlight into the room, reducing the need for interior lighting while offering discreet privacy when needed.