Wood Blinds


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There are so many great options for window coverings in today’s market. Each offers different features and benefits depending on your needs and desires, budget, home value, fashion trend and the proposed operators of the window covering. Wood blinds which are and have been one of the classiest products in the market have never lost their touch with their true believers. Wood blinds offer richness and tradition and a subtle quality demanding atmosphere for your living environment.

The wood blinds selections that we offer at Fashion Interiors, are not only classy, coming with many bells and whistles if needed, and comfortable, but they are very durable, long lasting, and come with limited lifetime warranty.

Wood blinds can be used in conjunction with other window treatments like stationary panels, valances and cornice boxes, even with roman shades, or they can be mounted on their own. Wood blinds can be used almost all over the house including kitchen, bedrooms and living rooms. As far as bathroom and moist areas, its best to use faux wood blinds, unless the wood blind is specifically treated for moist areas.

Wood blinds can be operated manually with classic cords and tilt wands or if desired without cords, just with the push of a finger under the bottom slat. Motorization is definitely an excellent option, which means you can operate your wood blinds with a simple touch of a button on your wall switch or battery operated remote control.

At Fashion Interiors we understand your need, your budget, your timeline, and the bid estimate process. We can provide you quality wood blinds, at great reduced prices, and on a timely manner for your projects. If you need 3, 30, 300 or even 3000 wood blinds, we are here to help you as well as provide you with whatever you need. Quality wood blinds, desired features, excellent installation and of course speedy delivery to make your deadline is a must here at Fashion Interiors.

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At Fashion Interiors we show case wood blinds that are not only practical and long lasting but beautiful, classic and timeless. Wood blinds are available in painted or stained colors, to match your furnishing and surroundings. The finish used for our wood blinds are well protected against normal wears like fading, scratching and moisture.

Here are some main wood blind categories that we offer at Fashion Interiors:


Parkland TM Genuine Woods Blinds

One of the best quality genuine wood blinds made by Hunter Douglas is crafted from the finest north American hardwoods, including genuine oak and cherry. Genuine woods blinds exclusive finish provides durability and protection against everyday use, fading, moisture and accidental scratches. Tradition, character and whole unique class is defined by these elegant genuine woods blinds.

Parkland TM Reflections ®Blinds

Hunter Douglas offers these great looking 2 ½” beveled slats, that combines the look of a louver with the function of a blind.  These beautiful wood blinds are also made with an exclusive multi-step finishing process that would offer better protection against harmful UV rays, accidental scratches, and moisture.

Parkland TM Classics TM blinds

This is main line of traditional basswood slats wood blinds, that comes in 3 different slat sizes, many different paint colors and stains. These premium wood blinds do offer long lasting protection against everyday usage.

Commercial Grade Wood blinds

We also offer wood blinds for Commercial, Office Buildings, and Building Management Rental Properties with the same quality, styles, and categories.