Window Film Tinting


At Fashion Interiors, we provide and install window film tinting for residential and commercial applications. Window film tinting has many advantages, and its technology has dramatically changed and improved throughout the past few years. Whether you have any window coverings or treatments on your window and doors window film tinting is one item we definitely recommend.

Window film tinting is a great complement to your existing window coverings, for added privacy, or for sun control and energy savings through reduced heating costs. Window films can even protect you from injury of flying glass during any glass shattering accidents or earth quakes. Window tinting eliminates harmful UV rays by 99.9%, and works best against fading and discoloration of carpets, rugs, fabrics, furniture and wood finishes. Huper Optik is the top name brand we work with and suggest on most residential and commercial window film tinting applications.

Our team of expert window film tinting consultants will come to you with a variety of samples and a vast knowledge, to recommend you the best tinting solution for your home or office. There are metallic films and ceramic type films for maximum protection, unobstructed view and lifetime enjoyment as well. In addition, we offer decorative window film tinting for interior design artwork and decorative privacy screens at a fraction of the cost of etched glass through our main supplier VEGO.

Call or visit us at our Irvine showroom today for a free estimate on Window Film Tinting and ask us about our current window film design selections.

Window Film Tinting

Why Window Film For Your Windows?

Saving Energy in your home or office

  • Reject solar energy from entering home by up to 70%
  • Much lower air conditioning bills due to high rejection of solar heat

Home window film protection

  • Rejects Ultra Violet rays by over 99%
  • Keeps the sun’s harmful infra-red rays from entering your space through the windows
  • Reduces the amount of fading and hence extends the life of your interior furnishings

Security and Safety

  • Window glasses treated with these window films are much more resistant to shattering and breaking into pieces in case of intrusion, accidents, earth quake and other unforeseen circumstances
  • Reduces theft and break-in due to slight privacy through visibility and the ability of these films to keep your windows together even though broken or shattered

Why Hüper Optik Window Film?

Hüper Optik is the top name brand that we recommend on most residential as well as commercial window film tinting applications. Their excellent performance has consistently impressed our discerning clients that are always concerned about comfort, aesthetics, as well as safety, durability and energy savings. Here are just some of the benefits with using Huper Optik Window Film:

  • Advanced Nanotechnology incorporated into Ceramic window film
  • Outstanding Solar control performance
  • Unobstructed view with minimal reflection through the windows at night
  • Fantastic Durability and strength
  • 100% free of Dyes and metals, therefore no discoloration or de-metallization
  • Much higher life expectancy and higher performance against metallic and dyed window films
  • Residential Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • European luxury with enhanced aesthetics conveniently provided for our most valued clients here in U.S.

Why VEGO Overlays:

Clear glass partitions are used on many residential or commercial spaces to create privacy, control viewing, unique and elegant ambience. VEGO, which stands for Visual Element Glass Overlays, transforms clear partitions into translucent art. They provide the design and film to either create beautiful translucent art or a simple strategically placed texture for just the right amount of privacy. VEGO overlays are the clear alternatives to custom glass. Their specialized designs and textures, simulates custom made glass and acrylic panels at a fraction of the cost. These are just a few more reasons we choose VEGO:

  • Create graphic overlays on any desired tone and color
  • Many great design  and pattern selections to transform transparent glass into beautiful visual barrier with flare
  • Cut Glass film to creat prismatic twinkle effect that happens when light shines through crystal
  • Create visual barrier with a sense of design
  • Perfect solution for bathroom shower doors that offer no privacy
  • Great idea for high windows that scream for privacy , yet the light is absolutely crucial
  • Frosted and matt selections to create a light diffusion scene, providing privacy and glare control
  • To Conceal with style if 100% light elimination is desired
  • Ever popular Soji rice paper, to create various forms of privacy

 Honeycomb Shades

Roman Shades